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About Makie class


When each of you draw Makie, the picture differs with each work. The work reveals your inner expression which is unique.
I would like to support you in expanding your individuality during this class. Also, I would like to spread Makie to the world. Hope you can discover the beauty of the traditional Japanese art, Makie.

I think you will discover interesting things about yourself .
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Course Process

The course is set according to the level of difficulty. First starts from “Basic course”.

The class goes step by step and moves to the upper class while acquiring Makie technique of Makie firmly.

Basic course → Beginner course → Intermediate course → Advanced course → Master course

Each course basically finishes with 6 to 10 classes and you go to the next step. However, there are some students who would like to learn at their own pace or to make more works at each course, in this case, the ticket system is applied. The system requires you to purchase tickets for six pieces, and you must buy them again when you finish. Materials such as painting brushes and lacquer can be used for a long time if you buy them once. ※The materials needed in each course can be purchased additionally when it is necessary.

Course fee / Material expense

・Starter material kit 19,000 yen
・Course fee(6 tickets) 21,000yen

Total 40,000 yen
※ There is no membership fee

For instance, you will make two works in the basic course. Following the model works of the basic course, you will learn all the basic techniques which is the base of all technique.

Afterwards, you can create more than two works with your original design. And then, you will learn new techniques during each additional course.


This is a sample of my (Shokan Matsuda’s) work. In the basic course, first you will learn line drawing and second, raised Makie. Then you will make your own work with your original design.
(using silver powder which is cheaper than gold because it is practice)

1. Production of Makie with line drawing


2.Production of raised Makie


This is the work applied 1 and 2. You can make it after six or eight lessons. (pictures shown are students’ work)


●Beginner course students’ work
Start using Raden (mother shell) from beginner course.
●Intermediate course students’ works
Use Makibokashi (gradation) technique and raden (mother shell) at the intermediate course. The finished works are high skilled Makie.IMG_2579 IMG_4358

●Advanced course students’ works
Using nashiji (pear skin) technique, students make real and luxurious works in the advanced course.
You can make your own works freely. (We use tin pear skin powder which is cheaper than gold pear skin powder. If you prefer gold, please ask).

IMG_4343 IMG_4353

Venue and Schedule

Friday to Monday on the second and the fourth week of every month at Ginza and Fukagawa.

※Fukagawa class is only on Saturday on the third week.

Makie experimental class

At the experimental class, you will make the work using Hira-makie technique which is a simple technique and can be finished in one day. Even absolute beginners who know nothing about Makie can enjoy it.

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