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Experimental Class

【Experimental class schedule】
  This course takes about two hours.  
 November 2018
6th, Tuesday  10:30-12:30
13th, Tuesday 10:30-12:30

20th, Tuesday 10:30-12:30
December 2018
 4th, Tuesday 10:30-12:30
 11th, Tuesday 10:30-12:30

【Class Contents】

At the experimental class, you will make the work using Hira-makie
technique which is a simple technique and can be finished in one day. 
Even an absolute beginner who knows nothing at all about Makie 
can enjoy it.  During this class, you can experience real Makie 
using genuine Japanese lacquer. ※There is little possibility to 
be poisoned by lacquer because we use diluted lacquer 
which is used for Makie. 
Please feel free to join!

-Experienced tutors will support the beginners-
About tutors



【Experimental class fee】

Experimental class fee 5,500 yen per person 
(* including 1,000 yen for vessel)

you can choose plate, spoon, mirror, etc.

You are not required to bring anything to the class.

You can choose the design and vessel from 
various kinds of templates. After tracing the design 
to the vessel, draw the design with the painting 
brush and lacquer. The following pictures are 
other students’ work in the past.

IMG_4594 DSCN3757 DSCN4353

21,2,15 (54) 21,4,22 (1) IMG_4595

Even when using the same template, they become quite different
finishes when it is painted out or it is drawn only with lines.  
Also it becomes unique and original by chosen vessels, color, 
and arrangement of color work. If you already have an image of
Makie as serious traditional art, you may change that image.  
Please join the experimental class and enjoy Makie!