[Makie Studio Shokan] English

Production process

This work is using Togi dashi Makie (scraped Makie) technique.

The bamboo grove and the residence were depicted on a black lacquered ground.
Sparkling gold particles were applied there with tube shaped screen.

Put the square shaped gold plate in the bank in front, and in front of that, I drew the water motif with lacquer and sparkling gold powder.


After sparkling the powder, I covered the picture with a lacquer. After drying the lacquer,
I rubbed it and the gold powder underneath came out.
The residence and the bank were revealed after rubbing.


All of the parts were rubbed with sand paper and charcoal.
Some people might wonder if rubbing with charcoal is effective, but using charcoal provides a more beautiful finish.


After rubbing it, I put gloss on it by polishing the scratches which were made while rubbing.
In this photo, I am drawing up the lines of details..
The work is completed after polishing the lines. It takes approximately over one month to finish.


This technique is called Togi dashi Makie. Besides this technique, there are Hira Makie (flat makie), simple methods that use drawing lacquer and sprinkling gold or silver powder,
Taka Makie (raised makie), using thick pictures, and Shishi Ai Makie, mixture of Taka Makie and Togi dashi Makie.